Gerardo Martino’s time in charge of Barcelona saw him being unable on securing any major trophies with the Spanish club and even though he had originally signed a 2 year long contract with Barcelona, the Argentinean coach was removed from his position in the club in 10 months.

Barcelona was eliminated from the Champions League after playing against Athletic Madrid and losing 2-1 and they failed on winning the League title and had to settle with a 2nd place position.

Real Madrid defeated Barcelona in the Copa del Rey and all of these factors are some of the main reasons on why Martino’s time in charge of Barcelona was cut so short.

Even with all of those recent disappointing results and matches involving Gerardo Martino and Barcelona, the Argentine coach will have a meeting with the president of Paraguay Horacio Cartes as he is going to be offered with a chance to coach the national Paraguay football team.

A few weeks ago it was confirmed that Marcelo Bielsa turned down the chance to coach the Paraguayan national football team as he had already set his mind on coaching Olympique de Marseille.

Paraguay Football Association (APF) vice-president Alejandro Dominguez revealed to reporters that Bielsa did not agree to coach the nation.

“Yesterday morning Bielsa called me to communicate that he was dismissing the possibility of leading the Paraguayan national team,” Dominguez told Radio Monumental.

The position has now been offered to Gerardo Martino with a series of meetings and discussions expected to take place in the next few weeks. Martino coached and led the Paraguayan coach through the 2010 World Cup where they managed on reaching the quarterfinals until they suffered a loss against Spain.