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Paraguay coach Francisco Arce has stated that his team will come back stronger after their defeat against Uruguay.

Indeed Paraguay has been beaten 4-0 by their rivals in their latest World Cup qualifiers. It was a poor performance from the team as they allowed Uruguay plenty of time and space on the ball.

Francisco Arce said that this was an accident and that he will be working with his players to prevent a repeat of such a performance. He admitted that Uruguay was better than them on the day, but his players could have done better. He said that there was no aggression and pressure from his players as they allowed Uruguay plenty of time on the ball.

Francisco Arce said that the players should prepare themselves well ahead of their future games in the qualifiers. He believes his team has the necessary potential to make it to the World Cup, but it will all depend on how they perform in the match against the big teams.

He said that there was not a big difference in class between the two teams and it is the players that did not perform at their best on the day. He has asked fans to stay behind the team and not to criticize the players unnecessarily. Indeed there has been mounting pressure from fans after the defeat and many pundits have called for Francisco Arce to be sacked from the team. They believe that the team is not progressing under the manager, and that changes are needed at the head of the team if Paraguay is going to make it to the World Cup.

Uruguay did not give Paraguay any chance in the game. They opened the score early through Cavani and added two more goals before half-time to make it 3-0. Uruguay added another goal just after the break to seal a major victory for the team.