The Paraguay national team manager Gerardo Pelusso has said that surprise is the biggest weapon he is set to use when Paraguay face Argentina in a World Cup qualifying match. Argentina will be coming into the match as one of the favourites, whereas Paraguay have recently suffered a number of defeats.

However, the manager of the national team has said that it will not be a surprise for the Argentina manager Sabella to see his tactics if he has studied it already, but if he hasn’t, then it will be a major shock for him.

Paraguay recently sacked their manager after a poor run of form in recent matches. It has seen the national team suffer many defeats and draws in recent matches. As a result, they have taken only four points from the last five matches. This has put them in a precarious situation ahead of their aspirations to play in the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil. The arrival of Gerardo Pelusso will be coinciding with the match against Argentina. Due to the fact that he is the new man at the helm, he is expected to adopt new tactics against Argentina. Gerardo Pelusso has great experience of coaching in the South American leagues.

“None (of our opponents) know who’s going to play (in my team), how we’re going to play or what formation Paraguay will have on the pitch. That will be the surprise factor, (whereas) everyone knows the other teams. Those who know me, have an idea of my style, those who don’t will be in for a surprise,” said the manager ahead of the match with Argentina. Following this match, Paraguay will be playing against the likes of Venezuela and Colombia, which are equally tough matches according to the manager of the Paraguayan football team.