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When Paraguay’s Roque Santa Cruz made a return to his former club Malaga, he was a fairly consistent player as he was getting time in the pitch in just about every single game of the Spanish club but things have taken a turn for the worst as the Paraguayan attacker has been dropped to the sidelines and he time in the pitch is starting to be limited.

Santa Cruz recently reached a milestone as he reached his 100th appearance with Malaga but the time that he has spent in the Spanish club since having joined back in August of 2015 has not been so impressive but things could change soon for the Paraguayan player as he has received interest from another club who might launch an offer for the veteran player when the summer transfer window re-opens in the summer.

Club Olimpia has shown interest in signing the 34 year old Paraguayan player and the chairman of the club Marco Trovato has confirmed their desire to sign Roque Santa Cruz as he said: ‘’Everything will depend on Cruz Azul, but I have already offered proposal’s to Roque Santa Cruz as well as Aproniano (his father) and have told them that our doors are opened for them as they can help the club in achieving big things’’

Marco Trovato continued on saying that the financial aspect of the transaction is not the main problem in relation to signing Roque Santa Cruz but the principal thing is if whether or not Cruz Azul is interested in letting the experienced player leave the club.

Roque Santa Cruz is currently performing for Malaga but hes on a loan deal from the Mexican side Cruz Azul and they have the final say in whether or not he will be leaving the club anytime soon.